Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

Eternal Wall of

Answered Prayer

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What it Is

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is a massive landmark currently being built in the center of the UK. This enormous symbol of hope will feature a million stories of answered prayers, making it the world's largest collection of hope-filled experiences.

What it Does

Every brick will share a personal story of how God answered a prayer for someone at some point in their lives, providing a vast range of experiences illustrating how God has supported people during difficult times throughout history; each being searchable by topic.

The Purpose

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will celebrate Jesus' miraculous and loving nature in a publically visible and astounding fashion, and we sincerely believe that the one million testimonies will inspire faith and confidence in the power of prayer at a global level.

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Answered Prayer

Your answered prayer may be the very thing someone needs to hear. Make hope visible!


Choose a tab below to see some samples of answered prayers that others have submitted. These examples are just that, and not intended to be a template or guide. You can submit any answered prayer you wish, and any length.

FAQs for Answered Prayer Submissions

Can I have more than one brick in the Eternal Wall?

Of course. God does not restrict his answered prayers to one per person, so we don't want to either. If God has moved miraculously in multiple areas of your life, then we would be delighted to hear about them all.

Does my answered prayer have to be about healing?

Definitely not. We love hearing answered prayers of healing, but that is just one small way in which Jesus brings His glory into people's lives and answers prayer. We want to hear your testimonies, no matter how small they may seem.

Is there a word limit?

Yes, answered prayers are limited to 500 words. This should be more than enough to input your testimony in detail. If you have multiple facets or answered prayers as part of your testimony that may take more words to write then you can submit multiple testimonies.

The Vision

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will…

Inspire Faith

Visitors to the Eternal Wall will find inspiration in the fact that every single brick represents a story of Jesus answering prayers. Faith or no faith, they are likely to be encouraged by the numerous stories of God transforming situations, and might even feel inspired to try praying for themselves.

Guests will have free access to the amazing database of one million answered prayers. They’ll be able to search for any situation or challenge they might be facing, and find personal stories illustrating how God has answered prayers and supported people around the world throughout history.

The message visitors will hear over and over is that if God has done it before, He will be more than faithful to do it again - even in their own lives. As a result, they will feel their faith strengthened and be encouraged to seek answers from Him.

Offer Hope

Approximately 500,000 visitors will drive past this monument each week, and we estimate that around 200,000 people will visit the site every year.

As visitors explore the answered prayers and grasp the immense scale of what they're witnessing, our fervent prayer is that they'll personally connect with the God who truly answers prayers and offers hope to every person, regardless of their circumstance.

Preserve Stories

Throughout history, God has consistently and powerfully answered people's prayers everywhere, from St. Augustine in the sixth century to more recent times like WWII. During that time, millions lined up outside churches around the world to pray for the soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk.

The Eternal Wall will include 75,000 "heritage bricks" to commemorate answered prayers dating back to 600 AD, preserving and remembering the ways God has supported people throughout the rich history of mankind.

While it's impossible to predict what culture and society will look like in a hundred years, one thing is sure: the Eternal Wall will still stand tall, offering stories of hope and demonstrating that God answers prayers.

Future visitors at the Eternal Wall will have the unique opportunity to witness the amazing things God has done for us across the centuries, ensuring a lasting legacy of faith and hope in their own lives and on into future generations.

Why Are Answered
prayers Important?

God answers prayers every day. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no. Sometimes the answer is heard and acknowleged, and sometimes completely unnoticed or ignored. All too often, God answers in a way that we don’t even realize it’s Him.

As believers, we need to be aware – not only aware of God’s answers to our prayers, but others’ prayers as well. The more we hear about how other believers have had their faith strengthened, the stronger our own faith becomes.
Every believer struggles with life in some way, and to hear how someone else came through the same or similar circumstance is more than an encouragement; it’s life-giving and it’s strengthening for future trials. It’s faith building in action.
That’s why we need to share these stories in a strategic and yet personal way. Not only to encourage each other, but to be a light to a dark world, and show them that there is someone who actually does care about them – someone they can literally trust with their lives and their future.
So please – share your own answered prayers with us, so God’s own people can be encouraged in their faith, and nonbelievers everywhere can see God’s love and grace in action, all around the world.

Share your answered prayer!

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